Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free Shuttle Service for Call Center Employees (Night Shift)

I've recently received an online petition calling for the call center companies to provide a free shuttle service for call center employees who are in the night shift. The route doesn't have to be from work to their house but at least they will be dropped off to a safe place (well lighted street, easy access to transportation). The author of the online petition is a concerned mother who sees the dangers of commuting late at night. I have a lot of friends who works for call centers and at a night shift who have had tales of robbery and even rape attempts by malicious and unfortunately ugly taxi drivers. Therefore, me thinks that in this day and age, it is only justifiable that such a service be provided by call center companies.

And of course there is the problem of costs that is going to be the first rebuttal by the companies. Well, it's really simple. The fact that they have outsourced their labor force (which means we are cheap labor) equates to an already staggering amount of money saved on their part. In fact most of the employees in call centers are underemployed. Besides, shuttles services are also present in other companies who are even less inclined to be at risk compared to agents who have to walk or commute to work at 12 midnight.

If you have a brother/sister/parent/friend who is working on a call center, please follow the link and sign the petition:

Help save a loved one and spread the word! :)

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