Monday, May 26, 2008

I saw murder

It wasn't his fault that he was hungry and decided to take a look inside our house in hopes that he might get something to eat. It wasn't his fault that he was born into this world without proper owners that could tame him and feed him well. It certainly wasn't his fault that no proper animal welfare act was installed in this freakin country that could take care of stray cats.

I saw murder point blank. One of our dog killed the living lights out of this poor cat. Call me crazy if you will, but murder is murder, no matter what you call it. This dog grabbed this tiny cat's neck and twitched it several times. It did not care when I threw hot water on him, it did not care even if I threatened to beat the crap out of it. It just did not care because at that moment all it wanted to do was kill this cat. This hungry, old, half - blind cat.

It tried to struggle out of this hate - scorned dog. When it finally managed to get out of his grip it stumbled to a nearby chair and could not walk, could not get up, could not even get the slightest breath. My father and my uncle (who were savages and kept on cheering the dog) fell quite for that moment that we look upon this poor creature whose tongue was locked between his jaws. We could all hear its loud wheezing struggle to breathe. My father suddenly had this brilliant idea of just killing the cat now (euthenasia) because it surely could not survive anymore. Brilliant, just brilliant dad.

I saw the cat being placed in a sack and being taken to a place where they could kill it. I felt my knees weaken and tears started to flow from my eyes... I could remember the times how I missed my meal because this stupid cat stole it. I remember how I kept on saying that if I get my hands on this cat I'd beat it to death. Now that I saw it... I just can't help thinking that nobody should ever be treated like this. Even criminals still have the right to be treated decently.

I hate this dog now. But who can blame him too? Before it came into our house it grew up, always starving and had a yearning to kill all competition (cats and other dogs even). I hate why this single incident that most people could just brush off (it's just a stupid cat they would say) kept me crying for half an hour. I hate it. I hate not having anything, someone, or something to blame.

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Anonymous said...

com're lemme hug you... (--,) -hani

Belle Caballero said...

waahh.. i love cats!.. and reading this entry makes me hate dogs even more!!.. arghhh..