Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Response to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Scandal

You will not see the video in this blog. I have no plans of searching for it either. I don't want to and you can't make me. I find it unnecessary to put it here anyways, the video has turned around a lot of heads already so you virtually have to be living under a rock if you don't know about it.
The video contains the surgery of a 39 year old man in operation room in Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital, Cebu City. A couple of doctors, nurses and some student interns were laughing and giggling amidst the operation - pulling out a 6 inch canister from the anus of a man. When the doctor finally pulled it out, he shouted "Baby out" and again the operating room was filled with laughter. The nurse then started spraying the can to other nurses who was evidently enjoying every moment of it. A few days later the video was uploaded to youtube, passed on email to email, and yes you can even find it in your local piracy stores.
The medical profession in the Philippines has long been under scrutiny. We have had a number of stereotyped images and lines (remember the "Desperate Housewives" episode?) referring to Filipino doctors and nurses. To top it off, we now have a new scandal - another cherry to our sick-flavored sundae. What I could not and never will understand is why the doctors/nurses spent all their money going to med school only to end up as intelligent morons. The video shown was a clear breach of the privacy act wherein the patient's integrity and life should strictly be protected.

I wonder how they would feel if their husband's/wife's false teeth got stuck in their penis/vagina and the operation was uploaded in youtube??? (O_O)

What I also do not understand is how the Philippine Medical Association is still "deliberating" whether the license of the people involed should be revoked. When interviewed by ABS - CBN they reasoned that this was an isolated case and such punishment would strongly affect medical tourism in the Philippines.

By not punishing these individuals in the utmost terms they are implying that they are tolerating such cases even if it was isolated. Medical tourism in the Philippines has already been hurt when they posted the video on the internet and not because of the punishment given to the people involved.

Lastly, what I heard from others is that the patient is to be blamed in the end because he engaged himself in homosexual conduct. That he is the catalyst also for the misconduct of the doctors

Whoever made comments such as these seriously has to read human rights modules. All laws should protect the life and dignity of the person regardless of race, age, or sexual orientation. All should be provided with equal care and respect as members of the human race. Lesbian, Gays, Transgenders, Bisexuals are still human beings. They bleed too when you poke them.

Hindi nalang sana sila nag doktor. Sana naging Direktor nalang sila

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