Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stupid Things

We all do stupid things once in a while.. o..k... maybe more often than not, we do a lot of stupid things. Things that made you wish that you had the power to turn back time or better yet morph yourself into a tiny worthless piece of toilet paper ready to be used by diarrhea - stricken fat guy (I know, graphic)..

Unfortunately I am not endowed with that kind of special power. I can't morph, transform, or even make myself invisible for even half a second. Therefore, I face the consequences of those things. Stupid things.

When it comes to relationships I know, I made a lot of those. Hell, I could feed Ethiopia if the list could only be converted to food. Sometimes, I pray so hard to God to just convert those things into something else. Something less painful. To me, or to others..

What I hate most about stupid things are the ones that you are aware that you are about to commit. It's like one of those epiphanic moments where the cloud suddenly parts and a ray of light shines through with the dove flying above your head. Only, you still do it. Stupid you. Stupid me.

I ask myself and side street vendors and taong grasa’ why I still do those things even if I know it is really stupid. Or why I let stupid things happen. Does that mean I'm even stupid-ier than I thought I was?

Just this night, I heard "Desiderata" being sung on the radio. The taxi driver apparently did not show any sympathy for me and myohmygodicommitedanotherstupidthingmoment. I tried to block the lyrics out of my head even if I memorized Desiderata.. Then came the climax, the driver changed the station and it went "All my bags are packed I'm ready to go.. I'm standing here outside your door. I hate to wake you up and say goodbye..." and I just couldn't help it.. I laughed. I laughed like hell at the backseat of that taxi.

It's like all my questions have suddenly been answered. All because the taxi driver changed stations.
I'm sorry for the stupid things I've done and for letting them happen...

They say, God is a great comedian created for an audience that were just afraid to laugh..
Well God, that certainly made my day...

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