Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why I'm never buying Del Monte Pineapples Ever again.

This is a head shot of the ill - fated MV Princess of Stars. Sulpicio Lines sunken ship proved to be more of a bad luck than ever. Just today, the news of a deadly pesticide named "Endosulfan" was reported to have been carried by this ship and is now in peril of breaking out into the sea. About 10 tons or 10, 000 kg is located in the cargo area and is only held together by a "normal" metal shipping cargo. Scientists report that even 10 mg or roughly about the size of a capsule could instantly kill an adult in just a few minutes. To that effect, the Department of Health issued a warning not to eat sea food products that were taken out of the region for precautionary measures. That is how deadly this substance is and to think that this is being used by DEL MONTE CORPORATION, Cagayan de Oro City.

Del Monte Corp. responded that they did in fact appointed this shipment to another ship and did not know that it was transferred to the capsized Princess of Stars therefore they shouldn't be blamed for such leakage.


Putang Ina! That doesn't make a whole lot difference! Even if they used freight cargo's or submarines it doesn't change the fact that they are using this stuff as pesticides for their pineapples! What's worse and to be expected in this red tape of Phil. administration is that they probably won't be able to sue a lot against a Multinational Corporation like Del Monte. They'd probably just poke them a little here and there then leave them alone because our conscience and morality can just be bought.

A domino effect has been tinkered with because of the DOH's warning. The fisherfolks and market vendors are also suffering because they suddenly don't have anything to sell now that the people are also scared of buying seafood.

I could only hope we could all learn something from this tragedy. Sulpicio Lines, take responsibility.. and Del Monte, you suck! Big time. I'm switching to DOLE.


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Tony Saiz said...

Find out the facts first so you don't get accused of being a "rebel without a clue".

Read the rest of the articles where Philipinnes Enviromental Authorities note that Del Monte has acted well within the enviromental laws and regulations.

Nick said...

If Del Monte chooses to use one of the most toxic pesticides still commercially available (in some countries) then it is absolutely their full responsibility to guarantee safe shipment handling - they can't just sign that away, IMO.

Boycott? Might be a good response. I live in Bukidnon. I cringe at contemplating how it is handled on the plantation.

rei said...

I did research about the facts saiz. So you need to read more between the lines. If ever there is something we should all be wary about is how authorities are being ran over around here.

Besides, just because they acted well within the environmental laws (we do not have an expansive set of laws that governs toxic substances in the philippines by the way)doesn't mean it's right for them to use one of the deadlies pesticide in the world. In fact it has been banned in the European Union and most of the states in US (they are moving to totally ban it after which they could help the farmers use other alternatives).

Take another example, COTRIMAXOZOLE. This is a cheap antibiotic that has already been banned in the First world countries but third world countries such as the phil. are still accepting this stuff regardless of the high percentage of side effects that this medicine will trigger. Unfortunately, my brother was one of those people who was affected with those side effects. And i'm not just talking about the nausea, or slight dizziness side effects. I'm talking about having Steven Johnson's Syndrome. A Severe allergic reaction to such things like cotri which virtually burns your skin alive. Trust me, it was scary for our family.

This is the Internet, and I know everyone has the right to their opinion. but being accused with that tag? "rebel with a clue?" jesus christ. you dont know who the hell you're messing with. lol. Maybe you should do more research :p