Friday, June 6, 2008

My School is Cheating on Me

Ah yes.. June. The unholiest month of the year. The month where mothers clench tightly on their purses. The month where freshmeats..err.. freshmen students show off their new "cooler" status in life. The month where I shall start to be in my senior year.

Even if I still enjoy bumming around the house I am actually very excited for classes to start. Especially that this year, is a special one.. I'm graduating!!!!!!! *cartwheel* and I was pretty excited to get myself enrolled until I saw a new entry to the tuition assessment form..

Internet Fee...................................... P100

me: oh, that's new. I wonder why they didn't inform us much earlier of that. We must have new computers *smiling with glee*

me, after a few hours: Wait.. That's not right.. Where are the new computers? The gizmoos? The "world - class vision thingy?"

me, after a little more thinking: Huh?? So this fee is for the Wi - fi connections installed in SOME parts of the school?

me, now: WHAT THE....... Wi - fi Internet Fee?!?! But the student's don't even have laptops for crying out loud!!!

I do understand that P100 is a small fee nowadays for such a service, but if you think about it we're paying for something that we do not even have access to. It's just unfair and just another shot at making our mothers cringe for their purse. Moreover, if you multiply 200 bucks (for the whole schoolyear) and the number of students in the school that would be equal to 600k! To think that I haven't even enjoyed my varsity status yet because of the red tape! Arrgh.. This makes me want to rethink about my being senior. I know we'll be in deep sh*t when graduation time comes. I could only imagine what they could think of next *cringes*

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