Wednesday, April 30, 2008

81st Republic, Zamboanga City

In the hustle and bustle of Chavacano and Tagalog speaking people of Zamboanga city comes a "virgin" and still to be explored place. A place where people come to dine on exquisite and creative dishes solely made and concocted by the owners of 81ST REPUBLIC.

81st Republic is located inside the Catribo Complex of Buenavista St., Zamboanga City. It's a cozy place that really has a "buenvenidos" feel to it. Right now, the place boasts of its uber summer theme festival that makes you wanna dance to the tune of DOS FUERTES (these guys, rock!!!!!!!. And the amazement doesn't just stop there, the food man.. the food! you'll stop being anorexic right away when you taste their embolbido and shakes.. aaaccckk.. I still dream of the cheese shake and zambo white... and oh did I mention they have delciously deadly alcoholic drinks too?

The popular ones are named after the owners: Tropic of Honee, Tropic of Mikoy, Tropic of Reagan, and Tropic of Angelo. And I tell you, first time I was whacked off my seat was because of Tropic of Mikoy. I was virtually drifting off to drunken master land by the time the pitcher was in half. I never thought being so drunk could be so... liberating.. haha XD

You would also notice how the PR skills of staff and management are very well developed especially that the place is crawling with capitalistic and very competitive bastards! (oops..sorry..) It's like every customer is treated as if he/she has a sign in his/her forehead that says "Welcome me, i'm filthy rich!"
and get this, I've actually tried to wait on tables and OMG... it was hard. I had to juggle food and "PR/GRO" skills (hahaha.pakshet) at the same time. It was very educational though :p

I only wished that more of these stores sprout all over Mindanao! Especially here in my hometown! With good food, great thinking, and hardwork comes great experience! Viva 81st Republic! I give you two thumbs up! ^__^

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flipt said...

Baila daw ka?! hahahaha... :P happy trip to manila... apparently, siokbee thinks you're busy daw with someone... hehe.. if she only knew... ^___^

jedi said...

oh, you beyaaatch!! ;-)
(referring to that picture of you wearing your see-thru blouse)
wish i was there with you. :(

didnt know you had a blogger blog. add me up. ;p what are friends are for? enimor?

rei said...

Nyehehehe... oh yeah... I had the biyaatch of my life!! next time, we should all go there and wear see- through blouse!bwahahaha!