Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Summer of my Life

I went to the beautiful city of ZAMBOANGA! and I just really have to say that learning Chavacano (local language) is a real challenge and treat! Chavacano is a pidgmin language of Spanish brought about by their stay here in the Philippines for 300 years

Going back, the city boasts delicious seafoods! and when I say delicious I mean exquisite shrimps, giant crabs, fresh fish and shells! I could not get enough of the food! hehehe.. And with great food comes a great beach.. well actually island. Just off the coast of Zamboanga is a small island named STA. CRUZ.. and did I mention this was a pink beach? The sand is pink!! Something which I believed should be posted in either Ripley's believe it or not, or Guinness World of Records. The sand is pink due to the corals that surround the island. The tidbits of coral structure float across the sea and unto the sand which makes it gleam in the sun.. I was never a fan of the color pink but Sta. Cruz totally changed my mind. Hani and Jason, my best pals in Zamboanga accompanied me to the island and it was virtually all ours for the taking because the local government didn't have enough resources yet to cultivate it to become a tourist spot (but I totally agree that it's a good thing.hehe)

Zamboanga, is a great place that everybody should visit whenever they can! Great food, great beach, and of course great people! =)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. Well, what about a slideshow? :p

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