Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why are artists poor? Because they choose to be

There is a big difference between being poor because well.. you are poor and choosing to be poor. Because frankly, artists are not really that poor. They just simply decided not to exert effort in capatilizing their talents and skills. They (and I..hehe) avoid the money zombie vortex that sucks people off their brains and talents. Instead they focus on their passion and the things that makes you smile before you go to sleep..

In reality and on a personal note, if we really exerted all our talents and creative juices.. dang! all the artists would have been multi - millionaires by now! I remember one time, a painter - friend of mine was asked by a NGO to do some art for a fundraising event. And OMG... his art raised a lot of money for the children with disabilities. Just shows how they can really make money.. There was this other friend of mine who was asked to sell some creative stuff for a conference and the people who will be joining were esteemed people from an international organization. And right again... She raised a lot of money..

So why are some artists still poor?

Hehehe.. well.. in the paradigm of an artists mind comes creativity and laziness. And well, ok.. maybe a bit of luck. But the point is! Artists were never meant to be poor. We just simply choose to make our brand distinct and exercise freedom more often than not :p

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