Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heavy Lessons Learned: Choices

Basically, all the things in the world boils down into just two or three choices which you have to decide. Life would always be unfair. There will always be pain and agony at every corner of that choice. But there's as much joy and happiness there too when the right choice is made. All of us have to accept the undeniable truth that we were not born as fairy godmothers - that is to make everyone happy with the choices we make in this life. There will always be someone whether a friend, a family member, mentor, or your lover who would get hurt by a difficult choice. The thing is, you just have to "see" who deserves to be "not hurt" with your choice. A lesser evil you may say. Example: you both like two subjects and their professors. One professor is especially close to you and is expecting you to enroll at his class but circumstances say that you are more in need and (later find out) that you liked the other subject more. As grueling as the decision may take, you just have to choose one. Yes, the prof might get hurt (a little, considering he is a professional in handling this) but since you have carefully weight things then things will turn out to be ok. Because faith my friend is one thing that keeps this world go round and round.. Stand with your decision. Don't be chicken sht and run away from problems and the decisions that you have to take. Life is a long lesson that will teach us to make every path we step a strong pillar in our lives.

So what the hell am I talking about? About people hurting other people. About making the wrong choices... Dr. Meredith Grey in one time said something which I find really interesting and true..

"We are all damaged. In one way or another. We carry this damage since childhood. And now that we're adults we carefully set on the task on making things right again or at least trying it."

There are many faces of a coward. Not all of them looks like a chicken (pun intended.pnyeta..haha). The cowards I abhor most are the ones who stick to wrong decision simply because they decided na eh. Ayun, final na. Irrevocable daw. Haha.. that's just funny..

I've been through a lot these past months. But I've learned a lot of things.. It's still painful. but i'm trying to live life to the fullest pa rn. Because not all hope is lost. No matter how pathetically stubborn I may seem to most people (oo na po..oo na..) I still believe that all people are born good. A priori kumbaga... and that everyone should have a chance. More people should think like that. Heck, there should me more people like me!!!! haha.. (shut up narccissistic whore, I'm not as hyped up sau. You know who you are. O cge, palaban dira.lol)

After all, not all people who betray are the same. But be more cautious this time.. Because they do have one thing in common.. They betray.. Then again.. Live, love, because life is what we make it. I will make my life, my family, my friends, my "future partner" (hahaha...yeah, after 3 years pa next relationship ko..haha) happy with me. Thanks for all your help guys.. I could not be ok if it were'nt for the counseling sessions.. I owe you big time.. I'm ok now. ^___^ (see the big smile?)

"People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun sets in. But when darkness falls, their beauty comes from their light within"

and I have that light within... I am strong.. and I will continue to make this world a beautiful world to live in..

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